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Press Release - August 2015 (updated: 2015/08/20)

DMM is proud to announce new strategic partnership with HTG Systems PVT. LTD. to further enhance technical and sales support into South Asia and Southeast Asia.

HTG Systems's exceptional integrated embedded solutions for robotic and machine tool applications resonates strongly with the research, development and manufacturing principles of DMM. Through further application and product research collaboration, we will introduce innovative systems and packages that will change the landscape of automation and motion control products. By combining each company's strengths, we are able to build a solution that outperforms existing products in the regional market. A high level business agreement will also allow HTG to offer these solutions at an industry leading price and convenient technical support.

The demand for servo motion control in South Asia and Southeast Asia has significantly increased over the past few years and DMM was never able to offer a competitive and comprehensive service into the region. DMM has gained world wide recognition as the leading manufacturer of high performance and accessible servo systems. The strengths of its many integrated technology including the robustness of the DIPM power module and ABS magnetic absolute encoder coincides extremely well with the applications and requirements from South Asia and Southeast Asia customers. By further exploring the potential of this region, DMM products can transform the possibilities of servo application, and collectively improve the grade of industrial automation technology.

Under the new partnership, HTG Systems will provide integration, customization, general sales and technical support of all DMM products. Customers in South Asia and Southeast Asia are strongly recommended to directly contact HTG Systems for any of the above inquiries. This will ensure the most immediate technical support response and best lead/delivery times.

More information about HTG Systems is available at http://www.hindtechnology.com/, or by phone at +91-9779-471-869, or +91-9779-191-869.

- About HTG Systems PVT. LTD.
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