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ABS-16 Absolute Encoder

The ABS-16 series absolute encoder is used for all DHT and DST series servo motors. 16-bit [65,536ppr] resolution and ultra-fast proprietary serial update to servo drive.

The ABS-16 encoder is suitable for OEM applications.

Available as Single or Multi-Turn type.
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  • Non-contact magnetic sensor
  • ABS-16-00 model: 46mm diameter and ABS-16-01 model: 33mm diameter
  • Single-turn, 16-bit resolution
  • Multi-turn, 32-bit total resolution (16bit Single + 16bit Multi)
  • 100us data update frequency
  • Active sensor optimization - high mounting tolerance, high noise immunity
  • Standard RS485 4-Wire Interface using SN75176 or equivalent
  • Proprietary 1.875Mbps 4-Byte communication protocol

Model Designation


ABS-16 Single-Turn Absolute Encoder - 2017 Brochure
ABS-16 Multi-Turn Absolute Encoder - 2018 Brochure
ABS-16 Multi-Turn Servo System - Operation and Ordering Guide
Please Contact Us for specification and protocol manual.


ABS-16 Multi-Turn Absolute Encoder - System Introduction Video

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