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ABS-16 LP Low Profile Absolute Magnetic Encoder

At 9mm height, the ABS-16-LP low profile absolute encoder allows installations into ultra-thin applications.
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  • Non-contact magnetic sensor
  • Real-time sensor calibration algorithm for consistent accuracy
  • Single-turn absolute, 16-bit resolution
  • Multi-turn absolute option
  • High electrical and magnetic noise immunity
  • Active sensor optimization - high mounting tolerance, high noise immunity
  • 8-bit CRC, 32-byte EEPROM memory
  • 9mm height, 46/50mm diameter
  • Exposed PCB (LP1-EC) or Enclosed option (LP1-CV)


ABS-16-LP Absolute Encoder - 2017 Brochure
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ABS-16 Multi-Turn Absolute Encoder - System Introduction Video

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