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DYN3 AC Servo Drive

The Dyn3-H AC Servo Drive's control technology allows for high power output and maximum precision. An active S-curve filter ensures smooth transition and handling of every point-to-point movement. Fast and simple tuning combined with industry standard pulse/analog modes make the DYN3 AC Servo Drive ideal choice for diverse applications.
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  • DMMDrv¬© graphical interface for fast and easy tuning
  • Industry standard Position, Velocity, Torque servo modes
  • Serial interface [UART,SPI], Pulse/Sign, CW/CCW, and Analog command
  • Quadrature incremental encoder output
  • Active power input filter and Active S-curve filter for smooth and consistent motion
  • RS485/RS232 networking
  • Integrated Point to Point S-curve motion
  • Integrated linear & circular coordinated motion for XY, XZ, YZ planes
  • Fast motor servo response time
  • Internal protective alarm against Current, Power, Heat, Voltage, and Position Loss


Product User Manual - REV. 1.14b
Testing Manual - REV. 1.2

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