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Products Overview
AC Servo Drive
  • DYN4 Series | High Voltage
  • Industry proven and high performance control. Standard interface and easy-to-use package for extended application versatility.
  • DYN2 Series | Low Voltage
  • Small size, DC input drives ideal for all motion solutions. Industry leading power density and reliable, accurate performance.

AC Servomotor
  • DHT/DST Series AC Servomotor
  • High performance low inertia or nema standard medium inertia motor series with wide capacity range. Standard servo frame sizes for easy integration. Standard 16-bit high speed serial absolute encoder.

Rotary Magnetic Encoder
  • ABS-16 Series - Absolute
  • 16-bit absolute encoder. 1.875MbPS proprietary serial interface. 46mm and 33mm size versions for servo motor mounting.

Intelligent Power Module
  • DIPM Intelligent Power Module
  • Efficient and reliable topology for OEM 3-phase inverter applications. Unique circuit design allow wider power envelope. Built-in safety.

Multi Axis Breakout Board
  • DMB Multi Axis Breakout Board
  • General purpose 5-axis breakout board with integrated CNC I/O and smoothing capabilities. Opto-isolated ports. Direct interface with controller and DYN servo drive.

Legacy Products
  • ABS-14 Series - Absolute
  • 14-bit absolute serial encoder. Reliable and rigid magnetic sensor technology. Patented position calculation algorithm maintains high accuracy.

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